The Ottawa Rules Of Healthy Gambling Community

The Ottawa Rules of Healthy Gambling is a community that was created in cooperation with professional psychologists whose main mission is the rehabilitation of pathological gamblers. We are committed to helping gamblers with their addiction and to doing everything we can to keep them healthy.

For some people, gambling has become an obsession and they only think about gambling or getting the money to continue gambling. Gradually, these people come to neglect their family and professional responsibilities: they have become addicted to gambling. Interpersonal conflicts arise and are aggravated by debt or even illegal activities.

In the grip of gambling, people gamble too much money, too long, and too often. As well, both land-based and online casinos make everything to attract more and more gamblers enticing them with nice promotions, perfect design, and a special atmosphere. Of course, it’s hard to resist such nice online casino places and you get tempted so easily to play there having lots of fun. But it’s just a start. After a while, you simply cannot conquer the obsession with gambling any longer. After a while, they simply cannot resist the obsession with gambling any longer. Despite the problems that accumulate, the urge to gamble is stronger than anything else. Know that there are solutions and that you can get help quickly and confidentially!

Our goal

We want to help those who call on our services to stop gambling and to regain their dignity and personal balance, as well as to restore health, which often suffers in gamblers.

 At the Ottawa Rules Of Healthy Gambling gamblers will be able to:

Talk about their difficulties in a safe and confidential environment.

Recognize the consequences of gambling in their lives and those around them.

Understand the mechanisms that drive them to gamble compulsively and develop their ability to abstain from gambling.

Putting their finances and relationships in order.

Regain self-esteem.

Stop Gambling

Our services

Intensive residential program

This program is designed for people who, due to the severity of their condition, require a more structured framework. The activities of this program are offered over a more intensive 3-week period in residence.

Self-help groups

In addition to participation in other program activities, we encourage membership in Gamblers Anonymous. These groups are an essential part of treatment and provide free support at any time throughout Ottawa.

Self-exclusion from casinos

It is possible for a player to self-exclude himself from the casinos directly from the Ottawa Rules of Healthy Gambling. This is a measure that responds to a player’s desire to protect himself against relapse better. This service is free of charge and is offered to any person who wishes to do so.

Solutions to debt

A problematic financial situation is a major stress factor for gamblers in treatment. That’s why we offer budget consultations that focus on debt solutions.

Healthy gambling

The health problem is acute amongst gamblers. The main reason for this is the sedentary lifestyle. Players can sit in front of the computer a screen all day long, which over time has a crippling effect on their backs and joints. While playing, gamblers do not adhere to such necessary Canadian c-spine rules. Lack of exercise and proper nutrition, which are also pointed out by professionals and experts in ankle rules, leads to disorders in the body, leads to pain, and often the need to consult orthopedic specialists. The Ottawa Rules of Healthy Gambling fully support the initiative to create Ottawa ankle rules, as well as knee rules that allow to diagnose and sometimes prevent serious health problems.

Sedentary Lifestyle