About Us

The Ottawa Rules Of Healthy Gambling is one of the leading treatment providers in Canada specialising in addiction and related mental health conditions. We are a part of the respected network being top-rated in the treatment of different kinds of addictions, especially gambling addiction.

Our approach

The approach used by the Ottawa Rules Of Healthy Gambling was developed for a long period of time and tested by a professional team of national experts. Partnership with other organisations gives us an opportunity to use up-to-date methods, and unique programs in order to improve the mental health of people with gambling addiction.

With our outpatient consultation offices, we are now in an excellent position to meet the needs of Canadians from coast to coast, in both official languages.

Our Mission

Generally, the Ottawa Rules Of Healthy Gambling is committed to increase access to treatment programs and full continuum of care being a recognized leader in the sphere of addiction and mental health services.

Our Vision

Excellence: our team is dedicated to clinical excellence in the field of addiction disorders as well as mental health. We always use the most innovative ways of treatment and practices.

Compassion: we understand that all types of addiction and mental disorders are really hard to overcome. That is why our treatment programs are always about care, compassion, and empathy.

Courage: it’s totally about courage. We believe that it is impossible to start treatment, begin therapy, and get on the road to recovery without courage.

Advocacy: We are constantly working to remove the stigma of psychological addiction through education and advocacy.